Friday, February 29, 2008

The Ebb and Flow of Employment

I am employed as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Validating systems in high-pressure release cycles is what I do.

On a good day.

My boss recently stopped by my office and asked if I had time. I minimized the paperwork I was reviewing and exclaimed, "Yes, I do!"

He asked me to label two cluster racks in the basement to mark them as "in use" for a certain project.

"I am on it RIGHT THIS SECOND," I told him as I stood, grabbing some labels and a Sharpie.

I strode downstairs with deliberate purpose and labeled the two racks, careful to keep my writing decisive and legible. I double-checked my work, and triple-checked that I had applied the labels to the correct racks.

I walked back upstairs and found my boss. "I TOTALLY LABELED those two cluster racks!"

He laughed and said, "Well that's good."

"Let me know if you've got any more LABELING NEEDS!"

"I will, thanks," he said.

"Or ANY other work at all!"

"Okay," he said.

I walked back to my cube and sat down.

I'm looking forward to the next high-pressure release cycle.

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Scots_Chris said...

Pretty much the same situation with me. The second anyone approaches me with anything I belt it out, absolutely dominating proceedings, and then I go back to my fishbowl office, browse TTLG and other non-firewall'd sites.