Thursday, April 17, 2008

A brief note from the management

Dogs On Houses isn't even two months old and yet I've written more entries than I managed during the past two years on my LiveJournal. Part of this is due to the allure of a shiny new toy, I'm sure, but I've also got to admit it is nice to have a platform large enough to encompass more than just scatological humor.

On the topic of my now defunct LiveJournal, I'm thinking of sifting through those archives and polishing some of the better stories for inclusion on Dogs On Houses. I'll probably do it once a month or so as a means of giving a permanent home to the entries I deem worthy.

Generally speaking, though, I am more interested in writing new things than trying to patch leaks in old posts, so we'll see if I ever actually get around to doing this.


Chuck said...

Is Dogs on Houses a Snoopy reference?

Bill S said...

No sir it is not!

scots chris said...

I'm enjoying your posts, both on the daily minutiae, politics and the odd movie review! I'm keeping up with mine so far too.