Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Inventory of a misspent youth

I am sorting through boxes of leftovers from my childhood, piles and piles of evidence of how I spent my copious spare time before I started shaving and going on dates.

Just tonight, for example, I have seen the following:
  • Junior high skit scripts

  • Maps of imaginary continents with apostrophe-plagued city names

  • A manual for a video game I never got around to actually making

  • Character sheets for roleplaying games I would never actually play

  • An absolutely appalling 20 page prequel to an otherwise unwritten fantasy trilogy

  • Restaurant mat dinosaur artwork

  • A notebook drawing of Mt. Rushmore featuring the heads of famous cats

  • Recipes culled from the finest chefs of Mrs. Field's third grade class

  • Cinema titles parodies like "Indiana Jerk and the Pimple of Doom"

  • A drawing of a beach-loving gremlin in bermuda shorts with the caption "SURF'S UP!"

  • An uncompleted Ninja Turtles radio adaptation script that is nothing more than a direct transcription of dialogue from the comic book

  • Illustrations of bands I wanted to be in (complete with setlists of nonexistent songs)

  • Logo designs for "Monopoly III"

  • The worst lyrics ever fucking written

So many years of nerdy adolescent creativity stacked up in towers of graph paper and notebooks. What do I do with all this stuff?


Chuck said...

Scan the pictures and post them.

I'll give you a bright shiny dollar.

scots chris said...

I second that suggestion... though I'm not sure of how the Australian dollar will convert at the current rates.

hadjare said...

You keep them! They are like a little time capsul from when your were young and your kids would love to see it one day. Not to mention just think of the memories it will illicit when you are really old.

Bill S said...

I should scan some of these, especially the cringe-inducing band drawing which has "cool" stage outfits featuring capes and cowboy hats.